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Quartz Glass Coating


880XX is an inorganic glass coating that not only enhances the surface finish, it also enhances the scratch resistance, surface protection and water repellent capabilities.


Applications include:

Glass, Metals (Raw, Chrome, Stainless, Diecast Aluminium etc), Plastics and rubbers, Wood (Natural, Stained and laminates) and Stone (Granite, Marble, Sandstone etc).
Maximum hardness is achieved after 7 days, or may be expedited by means of curing with Infrared light.


Extremely Hydrophobic:

Liquids and oils will “Bead” on top of protected surfaces. This also creates a vastly extended period before liquids such as Red wine, water and sauces stain the surface.



The chemical composition and Nano-technology behind our coating creates a high anti-bacterial threshold. For those customers wanting peace of mind that their home is as clean and healthy as possible, this is a great bonus.


High UV and Rust Resistance:

With a high UV and rust resistance, surfaces coated with this product will be protected against UV radiation, and be much less susceptible to fading and oxidisation. This is extremely beneficial to furniture placed outside.


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