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GPS tracking and Fleet Management

Trakpro® provides quality GPS tracking devices for vehicles and telematics solutions to both large and small sized fleets or personal vehicles across Australia.


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All our products make use of high-tech GPS tracking equipment, the Internet and other wireless communications that make real-time monitoring of information such as vehicle or valuable asset positions possible.


The GPS fleet management products we supply at Trakpro® are being used by thousands of happy customers all over Australia and PNG to keep track of their vehicles and possessions, frequently reporting back vital information to the customer.


Founded on the best practices of Australian industry, our GPS fleet monitoring solutions offer a large diversity of options that can help your business where you need it to.


Built-in technologies such as GPS tracking, boundary mapping and advanced telemetry contribute greatly to finding out a driver’s status, two-way messaging between driver-dispatch and a turn-by-turn navigation system.


All the information is sent directly to the client, or anyone in the business who requires it.


We offer customers the ability to better understand their day-to-day business at ground level.


Our telematics technology lets the customer take back control by providing all the necessary data and tools to effectively reduce wasteful behaviours, dramatically improve vehicle and worker efficiency and cut needless costs, which overall lead to increased company profits.


These efficiencies are combined with our first-class vehicle maintenance services to give clients Australia’s most user-friendly and informative fleet tracking management system.


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