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Ballistic Shield - Ultra Light Ballistic Blanket

While you’re busy saving other people, let Ballistic Shield save you.


Ultra-light ballistic blanket

At around 40% lighter than comparable ballistic blankets, Ballistic Shield protective mat is ready to go when you need it. Easy to deploy in the field for window or body armour, the ultra-light material takes up minimal vehicle space.

They say you can’t put a price on life…

…which is true. But you will be amazed at how affordable Ballistic Shield is when compared to other ballistic blankets.
There has been absolutely no compromise on safety, with Ballistic Shield certified to level II armour type under NIJ Standards, and also available with IIIA protection.

Emergency response iN/Traxx system compatible

Quick mounting and modular to suit different window sizes, you won’t waste time working out what fits where. Multiple blankets can be attached together along the iN/Traxx system, providing quick an easy access to essential equipment.
Ballistic Shield lets you keep your attention where you need it.


A flexible shield for the ultimate protection

Ballistic Shield can be quickly deployed across any vehicle window to protect emergency service personnel. When duty calls, the integrated handles transform the ballistic blanket into a personal body shield. As emergencies are fluid situations, the lightweight portability of Ballistic Shield makes it invaluable protection for first responders.

You’ll never know it’s there until you need it

The lightweight composite material sets Ballistic Shield apart from its competitors.

Compact and easy to store, this is the least intrusive blanket you will find and the only blanket you will need.


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